Bill Jacobs

We are pleased to announce that our 1" product has been upgraded to Infinity Max™. Infinity Max has the following superior features:

Now 1.25" Thick
TPV surface is thicker and more durable
Much easier to clean and keep clean
Patented KrosLOCK Seams are much tighter and less noticeable
More Consistent Color - tile to tile
Superior UV Resistance
Installation is much easier and less costly
10 Year Warranty

Why Buy Infinity Max Flooring? Click to Check out a recent article in "Recreation Management"

INFINITY MAX FLOORING is one of the few products available that can stand up to constant abuse of heavy weights being dropped directly on the floor without denting, tearing or splitting. In the most demanding applications, where other flooring products have failed, INFINITY MAX FLOORING has performed year after year.



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