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Our football team won its first playoff game in school history this year. I believe that the Bands, that we purchased from you led to a lot of that success. Opposing coaches always talked about how strong and explosive our boys were this year. I truly believe this was because all of the band squats that we performed. We did not once put weight on a kids back and I felt like our boys got the work they needed. I just wanted to say thank you.

Bill Jewell

Carlisle HS

Miamisburg, OH

Received the bands on Monday and I am very pleased.  I have already told several inquirers about your business.

Thank you,

Dave Sten



Bob Brooks
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Valparaiso University

Subject: DVD Seminars

I just wanted to send you a note on how much I appreciate the DVD seminars you
put together.

As a newcomer to the strength and conditioning field it was a great
opportunity to watch/listen to all of the top people in the field and to be
able to gain so much knowledge and ideas that are not readily available
anywhere else.

To be able to sit in my living room and watch Epley,Marotti,Mannie and so
many others talk about their programs is an education that no book or
seminar could provide.If anyone wants to expand their knowledge in this field these DVD's

are a must have.

Thanks again Bill for all you do for the strength and conditioning field.
All the Best,
Bob Brooks


Dan Dalrymple
Head Strength Coach
New Orleans Saints

Subject: Infinity Flooring and weight room sprint tracks


Just wanted to shoot you a note regarding our conversation about the
Infinity Flooring product. As I told you on the phone I think that the
Infinity Flooring is a great solution in regards to including a sprint
track surface in the weight room. You can warm up, run, jump and do form
running on the surface just as easily as you can lift weights on it.

As you know we used this concept in two of our weight rooms at Miami U.
I really liked the idea of using one surface throughout the whole
. This made our space very functional as I did not have to worry
about transition from one area to another. Besides no edges to trip over
we could use the same equipment to clean the entire weight room floor.
We used the "track" area for warm ups, sprint starts, plyometrics and
form running drills. I felt that the surface provided enough cushioning
to protect our athletes from injury during jump and explosive start
training but was also resilient enough to allow high speed work. Perhaps
the best advantage of Infinity was that because it was the same surface
as our weight lifting areas, we could use the "track" for weight lifting
exercises like walking lunges without worrying about damage from weights
being dropped. This allowed us to use our whole room regardless of what
type of training we did on a specific day. You know that no matter how
large your space is you can always use more! The infinity flooring
allowed us to change our floor plan several times without worrying about
where we would be dropping weights. We even moved the "track" area by
switching around tiles.

If you remember the first facility that we did at Miami was a renovation
of an old gymnasium. In that facility we created platforms integrated
into the floor (different color tiles) where our athletes could perform
power cleans and dead lifts. When we moved to our new facility two years
later, we took the Infinity flooring with us and I was amazed that there
was NO DAMAGE to the original gym floor. Two years of use translated to
a lot of dumbbells and heavy barbells being dropped, without any special
reinforcement, and still not so much as a scratch on the old wood floor!
Great product! I am still trying to get our people to install it in our
facility down here with the Saints.

Best Wishes,

Dan Dalrymple





Gunslinger adds realism to drills.

GUNSLINGER PAD (shown left):
The Gunslinger is a pad that attaches to virtually any football pad or
sled (not just a Crowther sled) or pop up dummy.

It's a two-part pad. A football is held securely in a webbing, called the "Sling," and a small pad attaches to the sled pad, called the "Holster." Setup is quick.

The player tries to dislodge the ball from the holster. When dislodged, the ball stays in the Sling. The degree of difficulty in knocking the ball loose from the holster is adjustable.

The Sling reattaches to the Holster quickly. Slap at the ball. Make contact with the ball. Punch the ball. Create turnovers. Price below.
PRICE $924 $888 $44
PAD COLORS Royal Navy Purple Red Orange Yellow Green Black Royal Navy Purple Red Orange Yellow Green Black Black
WARRANTY 3 Years 3 Years 2 Years
WEIGHT 235 lbs. 185 lbs. 1 lb


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