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Each All Pro has a removable base. The removable base has no zippers to align or break apart. It's a simple, durable system of Velcro and nylon buckles. The removable base is important because it will increase the life of your Pop Up and allow your Pop Up to sit straight up. Non-removable bases have a tendency to separate from the foam inside the dummy, get water logged, and eventually stop "popping" upright. With the Crowther All Pros, you won't have this problem.

The All Pro Pop Ups offer you player-like shoulders and armpits built into the dummy. The three sizes offer a pad height for every skill level and for every drill. Junior players can learn the fundamentals of tackling and blocking on the Small All Pro model. The Pop Up is heavy enough to provide resistance and pops up quickly. The Medium All Pro and Tall All Pro can be used for limitless drills from varsity to the NFL. Use with DIs for pass rush, DBs and WRs for collision areas. OLs for cut blocking, set up passing lanes, throwing lanes, and running lanes; improve tackling by wrapping and driving the dummies. Set up and use with a Tackle Breaker sled before contact or after. Use with an Arc runner. You can accomplish a lot with good quality pop ups like the Crowther All Pro Models. Purchase the optional Gunslinger pad to attach a football at any angle to



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