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Our Customers have requested reprints of the training articles that have appeared in our ENewsletters. 

All that we have sent out so far are listed below.

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Why being Mentally Prepared for Competition is so Important or How does Sport Psychology Actually Improve Athletic Performance?  Dr. Rick Perea, Ph.D. Organizational/Sport Psychologist

Why Woody Hayes Remains College Football's Most Complex Yet Underappreciated Subject, Mike Beacom, The PostGame

New Program, New Home (Part 2) - Mickey Marotti, Ohio State University

New Program, New Home (Part 1) - Mickey Marotti, Ohio State University

Calling all Coaches - What major coaching points or advice would you share with new coaches?

Calling all Coaches - What is the most valuable coaching lesson that you have learned?

Coach Tom Watts named Head Coach at Ohio Wesleyan!

Seahawks Strength Coach Chris Carlisle is not kidding around

Michigan Strength Coach Takes a Low-Key Tack to Conditioning, A. Chengelis, The Detroit News

Strength Coaches have valued role at Oklahoma and Florida - New York Times

9 Foods That Fight Fatigue, Hollis Templeton, Fitbie

Seahawks get big assist from UW strength coach Ivan Lewis

Rob Oviatt, Montana Football, 10 Qualities of a Successful Strength Coach

Rob Oviatt, Part 2 - 10 Qualities of a Successful Strength Coach

Jess McCadam for, Catching Up With WVU Head Strength Coach Mike Joseph

Geoff Hobson, Cincinnati Bengals 'Neck and Neck'

Eric Williams, The Olympian, Selling the 'Seahawk Way'

Inspirational Words - Author Unknown

***NEW*** Chris Carlisle, USC, In - Season Training

Bo Schembechler Teaching Principles/Learning Principles

Alex Marvez,, Concussions can be fought from neck up

Chris Carlisle, USC, Training the Explosive Athlete, Part 1: Developing a Philosophy

Chris Carlisle, USC, Training the Explosive Athlete, Part 2: Developing a Philosophy

Allan Johnson, Football Season 2008, Staying Strong and Finishing Strong

Jump Stretch, Gym Layout and Pipe Specifications

Jacob Wilson, BS(hons), MS, CSCS, Muscle Growth - It's a Matter of Simple Mathematics

Recreation Magazine, Fit Floors, Southtowns Family YMCA in West Seneca, N.Y. (featuring Infinity Flooring)

Rob Oviatt, The 25% -75% Rule, Year-Round Training with Discipline and Toughness

Marcia L. Conner, What's Your Learning Style




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